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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Ini tidak boleh dibiarkan berlaku!

Ini dah melampau,dulu letak tanda salib di btang ais krim skang nie kat roti askrim plak!......Aiskrim walls moo sandwhich kalau korang tgk betul2 korang boleh nampak lambang salib kat atas dan bawah....yg terjkejut camne leh dapt cop hlal plak nie??? bersama2 lah kita tangani isu ini....


At 8:52 pm, Blogger tash said...

OK. If they put ALLAH there, u all get angry because kononnya insult Islam.

And if they put SALIB there, u all get angry oso sebab kononnya nak kristian kan orang? WHAT THE HELL????????

Can u make up your mind please?

There are other important issues out there rather than this biscuit. Just eat lah! Is your faith too weak that you will become a Christian as soon as you finish eating this biscuit?

If anyone is to be outraged by this issue, it should be the Christians because you guys are munching and licking the 'salib'! So why are you Muslims making all the noises! Sheesh!!! Get a life!

Seriously, stop humiliating my ISLAM and start focusing on other important things

At 6:33 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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